Pavement parking

We’re not intending to start a heated discussion about the principle of pavement parking. Reasonable people know that, as long as it doesn’t create a problem for people with pushchairs or mobility scooters, it may sometimes be an acceptable compromise. But we do occasionally get annoyed. In this case, because we have to walk through slippery mud.

These two photos were taken in the same road, maybe a hundred yards apart. One shows how things should be, the other shows how they aren’t.

We may be doing some people a total injustice, but we suspect that some of the vehicles responsible for getting mud on the pavement are associated with residents of flats very close by. What’s more, those flats have plenty of space on which the residents could park. But, of course, it saves time just to bump up the kerb and park on the verge.

At the very least, whatever excuse they have, those responsible could keep the pavement clean. (Yes, we know that sometimes trades people park on the grass. But that doesn’t absolve those for whom they’re working from clearing up after them.)

6 thoughts on “Pavement parking

  1. A rather naive comment from The Eye indicating its focus is on another world or another part of Camberley. Its vision does not extend to Frimley Road where cars are parked across the cycle lane and pavement. Some research would indicate that Surrey Heath Council has outsourced responsibility for parking here to Woking Council.

    • Not so much “outsourced” as Shared Services, a trend that has become more and more used as all Councils try to reduce costs. Indeed, Parking Services is not the only Shared Service that SHBC has negotiated with other Councils. At least the other Shared Services seem to operate reasonably well. But, when did you last see a Council Parking Warden in Surrey Heath?

      It does beg the question as to whether we are being softened up for the idea of Unitary Authorities?

  2. With no enforcement to the contrary the practice has become normalised everywhere. Suggest to someone that their parking is inconsiderate and at best you may get an unapologetic shrug. There is a Private Members Bill on it’s way through the House of Lords on this very subject but I dare say it will be some time before it becomes law. Even then, it will still need enforcement.

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