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We wrote last month that we’d been wandering around Camberley’s parks rather more than we normally do (social distancing in a park is easier than in a town centre, of course). So today’s photo was taken in Crabtree Park.

No doubt there’s an extremely good reason why this metal railing stands all on its own, surrounded by grass. But for the life of us, we can’t think what it is. So, can someone put us out of our (modest) misery by telling us all about it?

9 thoughts on “More about parks

  1. You can do some hamstring stretching using this this (before, during or after a run/walk). There are 7 or 8 outdoor exerise aids in Crabtree Park where you can stop and exercise on your way round (e.g. pull ups bars, etc). There is a small fairly unimpressive outdoor gym at the REC in Heatherside and some quite good exercise facilities at Sandhurst memorial park. The prize for the most comprehensive outdoor gym and circuit route has to go to Manor Fruit Farm and enormous recreation ground in Normandy!!

    • Many thanks for that. I’d never have guessed it. But, a minor correction. The Eye isn’t tempted to stretch hamstrings or do anything else energetic; we leave that to fitter souls!

  2. Just what I was going to say, though nothing like as authoritatively ! We stumbled on this park recently when actively walking the area by Sainsbury’s petrol station which is potentially way too pretty to be turned into a travellers’ site.

    • Shame on you for only stumbling on the park recently. You might find the Eye and Mrs Eye walking around it and then heading for a couple of pre-ordered cappuccinos from Starbucks. Or, you could until recently. The cappuccinos are now on the ‘wait until the jab’ list.

      If you think about it, you’ll realise that the park is partly a former land-fill site. Before the modern ‘tip’ was built, literally the area was a hole in the ground into which household rubbish was dumped indiscriminately. I’m not sure, but other waste might have ended up there too. I learned this when looking into the possible expansion of the football ground. tells a bit more.

  3. I am not confident on the spelling (Tak vs Tack?). But these items of (mostly green) exercise furniture on the park are officially referred to as The Crabtree Park ‘Tack Trail’.

    There are exercise items all around Crabtree Park’s path: A jump measuring post; a pair of push-up hand rails; A special sit-up bench etc. In practice, the slanty rail thingey is mostly used by children: Having fun, trying to walk up it without falling off.

    I believe they were originally added to appease a group who wanted to move the nearby Crabtree Allotments off their current site and onto Crabtree Park. They wanted to turn the Crabtree Allotment site into a dedicated running track and outdoor athletics venue. Every business seems to want to move someone else onto Crabtree Park, to free up some land for themselves. It was obviously another non-starter of an idea. In that particular case: the allotments were not fans of the idea, for very long.

    • Thanks Steve for the additional info.
      As I’ve just e-mailed to someone, the football club was a ‘business’ a few years ago that wanted to expand substantially into the park. That was a strange episode…
      (I wonder whether allotments on the park would be viable. I know we’re assured that there’s no risk of pollution, but I’m not sure that I’d enjoy carrots grown over a former landfill site.)

      • David, You should check whether user “Crabtree Steve” is the same commentor on your blog as “Resident Stephen” who instigated a campaign of blatant lies, negativity, hatred and misinformation against the proposed re-development of Camberley Town FC facilities several years ago. If “Resident Steven” and “Crabtree Steve” are different people then sincere and honest apologies to Crabtree Steve. Otherwise, if this is the same Resident Steven that lives in the house next to the Crabtree car park beware beware beware as this man speaks with forked tongue and should not be trusted with any single thing he says. He doorstepped and misled many local resident with complete lies and should not be trusted. I would trust Boris’s promises than I would Resident Stephen and that is saying something!!!

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