Non-stop walk from Edinburgh to London

We suspect that Prof Chris Whitty wouldn’t approve of anyone walking from Edinburgh to London at the moment. But that’s what Dr Barbara Moore did in 1959….

‘Stay at home’ means that we’re not in the town centre very much these days. So we’re spending a bit of time digging through the newsletters of the local civic society which we used to chair. We’ve found an article about Dr Moore that was written in 2005 by the late June Nunn. As you can read from the photocopies below, Dr Moore was a one-time resident of Frimley.

Sadly, the quality of our pictures isn’t good. But in 2005 the society’s newsletter was crudely reproduced in black and white on cheap A4 paper. Technology has improved since!

You may wonder where Eastlea Court was. It was at the top of Westerdale Drive, to the south of Westmorland Drive and Winding Wood Drive and to the north of The Ridings. (Yes, we know that that’s outside the Camberley boundary, but it WAS the Camberley Society’s newsletter…)

2 thoughts on “Non-stop walk from Edinburgh to London

  1. A genius idea Eye publishing this. The Camberley Society Newsletter had some excellent articles. It became much glossier when publication was organised by Mrs Eye, who also ran a team of loyal people who distributed it by hand.

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