Better connections!

On our (within approved lockdown limits) daily walk we encountered the van shown in our first photo. The driver was apparently photographing telegraph poles… So we asked him from the other side of the road: ‘Why?’. He told us that he was preparing the way for the new high-speed internet infrastructure. Installation of this, he suggested, could start in mid-March. As the Eye’s current broadband connection isn’t the speediest, this is good news for us…

The company that’s providing the new system is Toob. will tell you more.

3 thoughts on “Better connections!

  1. This is very exciting news. I have to put up with pretty poor broadband speeds as I’m 100’s of metres away from the green cabinet. This can’t come soon enough.

  2. Does this mean there could be 5 years of pop up long lasting road works as we have just endured with the extensive regeneration of the gas networks? Dont get me wrong, Virgin Media are so difficult to deal with and pricey that I would welcome any relable way to ditch them once and for all. VM Indian HELP Desk should actually just be called INDIAN DESK as they go out of their way NOT TO HELP you and always just want to upsell you more services that you dont want!

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