Nit-picker or an Eye for detail?

We have the sort of mind that finds trivial things niggling. Take the slabs that we’ve photographed in Princess Way. Note how the ‘tactile ridges’ don’t quite line up from one slab to the next. Our initial thought was that the slabs just weren’t made very precisely. But now we reckon that they’re actually near-enough identical, but that they’re not all laid the same way round.

Whatever the reason, that mis-alignment is going to niggle us every time we walk along Princess Way. Heaven only knows, though, when we’ll be doing that again!

9 thoughts on “Nit-picker or an Eye for detail?

  1. It makes you wonder who checks and signs off the quality of the work before payment, I guess they don’t care even if tiles in their house looked like this

    • I imagine that the workers laying the slabs are thinking of something else entirely. There’s not much mental stimulation in doing the same thing day after day. But I’d still expect them to notice the mis-alignment.

      • Maybe, but I am sure there are plenty of people that would like a job in this current climate and would take pride in it

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