Is it farewell to Moss Bros?

On our final pre-lockdown wander around the town, we noticed that the Moss Bros shop was looking rather sad. As you can just about see from one of our photos, the clothing on hangers was covered by plastic ‘bags’ with paper labels attached to them. The shop used to have a notice on the door stating the opening hours, but we couldn’t see it anywhere. We very much got the impression that this was the end of the road for the shop.

Not good news – and probably pretty bad news for the staff involved. We wish them all the best.

5 thoughts on “Is it farewell to Moss Bros?

  1. In November 2020 the Company was looking to close up to 25 stores in its portfolio, as they concentrate on Wedding hire suits etc with the cancellation of many planned I guess it’s inevitable.
    More importantly will these empty shops ever be filled in Camberley

    • It’s certainly unlikely that the empty shops will be filled with ‘shops’. After all, the Atrium said – if I remember correctly – that it had tried and failed to find a retail tenant for the empty unit next door. Hence it got permission for a change of use, and it’s now a ballet school.

      • So long as they are used for ‘something’, I can’t bear the thought of Camberley being a ghost town, long term, like some unlucky places, which seem to be filled with empty, shuttered premises.

  2. Camberley wont be the only ghost town… The number of empty shop units is a sign of these times. The area underneath the ‘new’ fats in the new prison block above the old BHS WAS going to be an arts and culture space with a youth cub and library moved there. Now there is talk of more SHOP UNITS!!!!! The last thing Camberley needs is more unusable shops units…. You could not even give them away RENT FREE right now. Remember how long those units under the ‘new’ Travelodge remained vacant before the got tenants at a knockdown rate? More shop units is lunacy for the foreseeable future but SHBC seem to be going for it.

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