A roundabout survey

Paul spotted that the area around the roundabout at the Park Street/Pembroke Broadway junction was being surveyed the other day. It’s undoubtedly a coincidence, but in the last few weeks we’ve mentioned that the stone blocks surrounding the roundabout have been disloged (again) by large vehicles making the tight turn. We’ve also commented on the bent road sign that you can see in Paul’s photo.

Is the survey anything to do with re-aligning the roundabout to make it less difficult to negotiate? We’ll probably never know; usually when we see surveying underway we don’t see anything obvious happening afterwards.

5 thoughts on “A roundabout survey

  1. repeating a previous PoV on this – why not just have a raised Tarmac ‘hump’ – no need for any sort of cosmetic edging …. not to mention the forest of signs on the thing !

  2. No need to have a raised tarmac hump, just have a white circle painted in the middle of the flat cross-roads. All drivers know what that means.

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