Tarmac. Road-menders’ sticking plaster!

A regular feature of the roundabout in Park Street is a scattering of granite blocks that have been dislodged by buses negotiating the tight turn. They’re usually replaced before too long. However, when we looked recently, the loose blocks in our photo seemed to have been cleared away, and the toothless gap had been filled with tarmac. Next time we’re not busy concentrating on the traffic, we’ll look to see if the tarmac is ‘permanent’.

2 thoughts on “Tarmac. Road-menders’ sticking plaster!

  1. Why don’t ‘they’ just get rid of this roundabout altogether and just paint a flat one on the road so that drivers know how to treat the junction?

  2. Why don’t they just use old rubber tyres cut to size you can paint if you like they compress, many forward thinking Councils do

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