Graffiti – now and then

If you trawl the internet, you can read that the ‘art’ of graffiti goes back some fifteen thousand years.  (You’ll also discover that it originated in 1967, in Philadelphia.   Which just confirms the importance of defining what you mean…)

Anyway, we don’t like it.

Certainly we don’t when it’s just crude spray painting on the walls of the pavillion in the London Road Recreation Ground.

8 thoughts on “Graffiti – now and then

  1. It’s important to differentiate between street art and graffiti.
    We should actively encourage the former and discourage the mindless spaying painting of “tags”.

      • Much of it is on bridges and underpasses. Particularly on the canal system.
        Art colleges should be encouraged to use this type of blank canvas.

  2. What a lovey building this is, I have never seen it before as I have never visited the Recreation Ground. Is it still in use, if so, what is it used for? I hope that the graffiti can be removed easily and without damage to the building.

    • I actually don’t know the answer to your questions. I have been inside the building and its changing facilities etc are very old fashioned and basic. Perhaps someone else can tell us whether they’re ever used.

      • it was being used fairly regularly during the cricket season. Not this year of course. The council installed a disabled access ramp earlier this year (or was it last) as there was a plan to convert it to some sort of café facility but that too has come to nowt.

  3. I actually feel quite sorry for the person(s) that did it. They must be so unmotivated in life, so lacking in self esteem and pride, such low achievers that this behavior gives them a kick/buzz, and so alien to civilised society that their conscience can actually allow them do this.

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