How about becoming the Chief Executive?

The following job advertisement appeared very recently:

“Inspire the future of Surrey Heath

“Surrey Heath is already one of the safest, cleanest and greenest places in the UK and our commitment to making it an even better place to live, work and enjoy is at the forefront of everything we do.

“We want to continue to build and encourage communities where residents can live happily and healthily, while also aiming to deliver effective and efficient services better and faster. We have big ambitions to support and promote our local economy; enabling people to successfully work and do business in Surrey Heath.

“As we start a new chapter as an organisation, we are looking for a strategic leader with a proven track record of delivering positive results. As Chief Executive, you’ll be a proven leader, a good listener and even better communicator who will put the needs of Surrey Heath’s people first in everything you do. You’ll be a strong decision maker who has their finger on the pulse, while also being able to ensure we remain on track in relation to our long-term vision of delivering high quality, innovative services to our customers.

“We’re looking for someone who understands that strong public engagement is vital to our future. The new post holder will need to evaluate how we go about service delivery, and therefore also bring stability to the organisation. We’ll need our Chief Executive to connect, enthuse, and collaborate while also making sure Surrey Heath’s voice is heard.

“We want to maintain all our current services in the Borough and take every opportunity to enhance and improve the lives and prospects for everyone who either resides, works or does business across the whole of Surrey Heath.

“You’ll provide strong, collaborative leadership and strive to deliver high quality results, reinforce astute financial management and strengthen partnerships. If you have proven experience of forging good relationships with members, communities, and other key stakeholders, then we want to hear from you.

Salary: “Up to £126,000 + car allowance”

16 thoughts on “How about becoming the Chief Executive?

  1. All very gushing, articulate and pie in the sky. Sadly, the position for Chief Executive has, more than likely, already been agreed; with the council, predictably, going through the motions to appear inclusive and competitive.
    No doubt, the council will appoint another floating object from a cesspit of marginally qualified public sector failures to carry on with their total mismanagement in a riseable attempt to appear commercially responsible. God help us.

  2. If you fulfil these criteria we don’t want you.The last thing we want is to have anything to do with the public. Every time you have to engage, which isn’t encouraged, deny them access to the information they want on any spurious grounds and if all else fails use the “not in the public interest” or “commercially sensitive” arguments.
    One of the benefits we didn’t mention was the Additional Duties Allowance which will increase your salary by £15,000 pa.. This is an unlawful payment but that’s OK we managed to pay it to the last Chief Exec.
    Lastly we are hoping to merge with some other local boroughs to form a unitary council. So unfortunately we won’t be able to pay any relocation expenses as you won’t be here long.

    • With the amount of vitriol heaped on the previous ceo (& all shbc staff) here & elsewhere, only a fool would drink from this poisoned chalaise for £126k.

      I’m sure that there are many armchair critics on this site alone who would volunteer to do the job for free & save Council tax payers a fortune.

      I’m sure it will be an internal appointment.

      It’s only a short-term post after all.

      • Sadly, the previous Chief Executive and a few council personnel (not ‘all staff’) brought the council into disrepute. What’s the expression – ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’?

  3. If only this were true! I hope the contract of this new ceo is water tight and ensures that the next ceo will be held fully accountable for their actions unlike the previous Whelan model!

  4. When this paragon of virtue is found for the post of Chief Executive let us hope that he is knowledgeable enough to come to the right part of the country. I learn from a post on the Heatherside Residents’ Forum that the advertisement for this post was illustrated using photographs of Calderdale West Yorkshire, not Surrey. Are they that ashamed of our beautiful county that they wish to hide its appearance or just as incompetent in this instance as in every other matter with which they become involved? Or did they waste even more money on using an agency to formulate the advertisement which is an incompetent, or uncaring about accuracy, as itself?

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