Here we go again??

Today we’re showing two photos of the clock outside the principal stairwell of Main Square Car Park.  They were taken at about midday….

Not many people are aware that there IS a clock there.  Or that there’s a second clock face on the other side of the stairwell.  But they were the subject of an early encounter between the Eye and the borough council.  Years ago, the clock was running perfectly;  it was just showing completely the wrong time.  We pointed this out to the council – who replied that it wasn’t their clock!  (The council owns the car park, of course.)

The council directed us to the Mall – who promptly denied ownership.  So, it was back to the council again.  Who then said that the clock was irreparable.  Anyway, after a Freedom of Information Act Enquiry, the clock started to show the correct time.  Which it’s done reliably in the subsequent  eight or so years.

What will the explanations be this time??  We’ll hazard a guess that just outside the Square’s loos there’s a switch behind a floor to ceiling metal shutter.  Someone has come along, asked ‘what does this switch do?’, and then turned it off….

UPDATE.  We reckon we’ve worked out why the switch was switched, so to speak.  If you can bear the suspense, we’ll tell you tomorrow….

3 thoughts on “Here we go again??

  1. 1. How can you be sure it was midday when you took the photo? Your watch / phone may have been wrong!
    2. So who does own it? Council or Mall? You never said what the reply was from your FOI.

    • Indeed you’re right, Mark. And maybe I was travelling so fast that my watch had slowed down. Both it and the clock might have been right – it was just a matter of Relativity.
      Well, who do you think would own a clock that’s an integral part of a council-owned building? (The answer might not seem so obvious now, as the council has since acquired the mall, but back then the mall was owned by a commercial company which had no links with the car park. Indeed, if I remember rightly, that company used to complain to the council when things like the lifts and the barriers were faulty – the company had to deal with irate members of the public when problems arose, even though these were outside its control.)
      I don’t recall an actual reply to my FOIA enquiry. It’s years ago. But the result was that the clock started going again. Mission accomplished.

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