The Cambridge Hotel is falling down…

We were told the other day that something was becoming detached from the Cambridge Hotel.  But by the time we walked by on Sunday, the damage apparently had been done.  There were remains of ‘something’ on the pavement, and an obvious gap in the boards above the ground floor windows.

Now the Cambridge Hotel really IS part of Camberley’s history.  It’s where a new name for the town –  ‘Cambridge Town – was first announced.  The borough council doesn’t seem to think it matters.


6 thoughts on “The Cambridge Hotel is falling down…

  1. The Council granted planning permission for redevelopment in 2018, which includes retention of the hotel building for conversion, yet the developer has chosen not to implement. So perhaps the developer doesn’t think Camberley matters? Perhaps The Eye could investigate what their priorities are?

    • The developer has three years to implement the approval (I think it’s three years). So, in principle, all is still in order. An unsatisfactory parallel is that, if you get permission to extend your house, and you then change your mind, you shouldn’t be forced to go ahead. Of course, if your house becomes dangerous, or rat-infested, the council can eventually step in. But that’s not done lightly.

  2. Oh how sad. When I was living in Camberley some 50 years or so ago it was the place to go, my family used to go there for New Year’s Eve dinner dances and I organised many a buffet dinner dance there, for a club I was secretary to.

    • There is an approved planning application to redevelop the barn, and to convert the original building into flats with a shop underneath. But the approval was something like eighteen months ago, I think, and nothing has happened since….

      • Its a common tactic these days. Especially for listed buildings. Let them fall apart and become an eyesore. Often accompanied by a mysterious fire. Then when everyone is completely fed up with it the developer can demolish and build what they like.

      • Well, there’s truth in that, though I don’t think that developers are completely free to build what they like. Of course, if a site has been an eyesore for years, there’s understandable – and justifiable – relief if someone comes along and wants to replace it with something that’s less of an eyesore. It’s ‘just’ a compromise. (For the record, the Cambridge Hotel isn’t on any list, local or national. Which is a pity.)

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