Will the pandemic ever end?

Based on our experience yesterday, we think the pandemic could last ‘for ever’.  We walked around the Square at the end of the morning and we were struck by an almost total absence of masks, and the surprisingly-large number of people apparently ignoring social distancing and the ‘one-way’ system around the mall.

It’s not our job to preach.  But, honestly, if people want things to get back to normal as soon as possible, then they have to take the necessary precautions now.  In the meantime, as we’re one of those ‘at risk’, we’re going to stay out of the shopping centre as much as possible.

(We must thank one of our readers for today’s photograph, which they sent to the Eye a little while ago.)

25 thoughts on “Will the pandemic ever end?

  1. It’s all staggering the amount of people who cannot read or understand the signs in the multi storey car park to gain access to the SQ by foot, just wait until the Pubs/ Restaurants open with people spilling over the pavements.

  2. This is what I said before the shops reopened. No-one staying on the left. once in shops like supermarkets you stand 2 metres outside inside it’s a free for all.

    • Of course, it’s older people who are most at risk of dying. Younger people can probably shrug the infection off. But if they’re young parents, why do anything that could deprive your child of a parent?

  3. Even a chap, suited and carrying his lunch so obviously works in the Sq, walking to the right of the keep left signs. It’s just a joke to some people.

  4. I went to camberley on Saturday really felt in safe no one appeared to social distance or follow the one way system😢 primark was heaving as was Poundland the card factory advertises it closed but it’s open they were the only shop adhering to social distancing only allowing 3 in the shop at the time. I had to go as my sister is 50 this week and I needed to get her presents as hadn’t found anything online

  5. We will certainly NOT be going to The Mall in the near future. We are in our late seventies and fairly healthy and would like to live for quite a lot longer. Really furious that so many people are ignoring the sensible rules that have been set down to protect us all.

    • I’m heading towards the same age myself. Risking death for a bit of window shopping seems like a bad bargain. Some towns, I believe, are setting aside certain times for older people – the sensible ones! – to shop.

  6. There are lots of blue-shirted staff around. I am not sure what they are there for but they seem to do nothing to enforce social distancing.

    • I have some sympathy with their position – they’re not sheep dogs! But unless the mall management snarls at the worst offenders, a lot of potential shoppers may simple avoid the mall. There’s always the internet….

  7. I absolutely agree with you David and I blame Boris one hundred per cent for the complete lack of discipline ..It should be compulsory to wear a mask in all shops and confined spaces, as it is in many countries. Heavy fines are needed for those not adhering to social distancing.
    Yes this pandemic will go on for ever if he does not get his act together and listen to the scientists and some of jo public who are blessed with common sense.

  8. I went there today – most people not taking any notice of the blue notices. Outside MacDonalds by WH Smith & Also Wilko were women with children blocking the pavements by walking in groups – most annoying when attempting 2 metres distancing! I’m turning into a grumpy old woman!!

  9. Some parents are reluctant to let their children go back to the school because of the risk. It would be ironic if they were the same people and children whom you saw.

  10. I went in quickly Sunday and found it unbelievable that people arnt taking it seriously enough!!! The ignorance of the population in that town. I saw one lady with a visor. I got barratted on one Camberley site. As I chose to ware a mask.(Cloth one). Many dumb idiots.

  11. We have non of that here in Spain, we have to wear masks and gloves to shop, laws in mercadona, and some youths walked in in masks but no gloves and were politely asked to put gloves on or leave, they put gloves on, all staff are masked and gloved, there is no option.
    We shall be doing our shopping in land away from the tourist areas.

    • Fascinating. Wandering around the shops today, it was almost as if the younger people were deliberately defying the ‘rules’. Rebellion is all very well – nearly everyone goes through a phase – but sometimes it’s in no-one’s interest.

  12. Seems a constant moan about young people ? Two comments, firstly these young people have parents so maybe part of the problem is that these parents need to ensure their children follow the rules and do the right thing ( assuming the parents are being responsible themselves).Secondly my son works in a garden centre and he says it’s the older customers who ignore the lockdown distance rules the most.So,stupidity is not confined to young people.

  13. Looking back at the comments, most don’t mention younger people, so ‘constant moan’ is a bit unfair. Yes, I did say that there seemed to be an air of defiance amongst some of the younger people. That was just an observation. I could equally have said that there were slightly older people blocking a shop doorway, or plenty of middle-aged people – and older – just wandering around apparently oblivious to social distancing. Blaming the parents? Yes, sometimes. No, at other times. Rebellion is part of growing up?

  14. I was in town earlier myself and I would agree that the vast majority of those not practising distancing or directional advice were probably at least 40 years old, or very young children allowed to roam as they please by their guardians. Most of the ‘youngsters’ I encountered were acting responsibly.

    • Thanks, Stuart. It would be a bit surprising if the situation DIDN’T vary from time to time. (And a bit of me is in favour of youth rebellion – at least, as long as it didn’t put my life at risk.)

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