Civic Pride?

Paul has sent us a couple of photos of the central reservation in Pembroke Broadway.  He wonders whether Surrey Heath has ANY civic pride.

It’s pretty indisputable that Paul’s photos show total neglect.  But, just maybe ‘the virus’ is responsible.  (Though we recall the vegetation was in a fairly dire state before the lockdown started.)  Who knows?

10 thoughts on “Civic Pride?

  1. Morning Eye

    Do you know who owns the Cambridge now? If you go look at the side facing the A30 there is a white sign looking incredibly dangerous. It’s certain to injure someone if it comes down.

    We have been watching it for some time now and it has certainly gotten to the point where it is dangerous.

    The Council website sent me round in circles trying to report it last night so I gave up!


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    • It’s always difficult to find out who owns what. But I THINK the building is/was owned by SHAVIRAM CAMBERLEY LIMITED, FARLEY COURT, ALLSOP PLACE, FIRST FLOOR, LONDON, NW1 5LG. I had a somewhat similar frustration with the council by e-mail recently. It also related to a hazard to pedestrians from an adjacent building. First they referred me to a national government body, and I had to tell them their advice was wrong. Then they said it was the county council’s responsibility. But then they relented and sorted the problem with the building owner… LEt me know how you get on!

  2. Lack of Civic Pride? This one could run and run… If you ask for photographic evidence I’m sure we readers could fill your daily blog for weeks to come. What a shame – SHBC is past the point of needing to be ashamed, its needs new, strong, professional leadership, but is anyone of that ilk going to be tempted to take on the job? My fear is that the job will be given to the Acting Chief Executive who, 20+ years in the job, has demonstrated the height of his standards by allowing Karen Whelan to be thanked in the latest issue of HeathScene.

    • No, it has been going on for a lot longer than that. It is just a sense of complete disregard for the residents and their environment by the councillors and shows their complete disrespect for the people who pay their wages. Perhaps they should stop wasting our money on vanity projects and spend it on things that matter.

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