Are the councils promoting illegal cycling?

This item appeared on Facebook a day or two ago.

It’s just as well that the ‘advertisement’ doesn’t make any explicit reference to cycling on the road, as the cycle that’s shown is illegal for road use.  It doesn’t have a front brake.  Also, strictly, the wording used by the borough council is a misquote of the Highway Code: As any internet user can find out, according to rule 63 of the Highway Code, cyclists should use cycle lanes “when practicable”.  This isn’t the same as ‘where possible’, so SHBC is re-writing the law!.

It’s a matter of common courtesy to give way to walkers and wheelchair users.  And it’s probably a matter of personal safety to give way to a horse and rider.  But would the council give the same instructions to car drivers?  And, if not, why not?

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