The High Street – forlorn on a Sunday morning

These two photos show the High Street late yesterday morning.  We don’t want to see queuing traffic in the road, but the lack of people is depressing.  It must be doubly-depressing for the retailers.

11 thoughts on “The High Street – forlorn on a Sunday morning

  1. But as the only retailers open in the roadworks bit are Smiths and the bakery, maybe the workers can speed along and all will be tree filled and lovely when we’re all unlocked?!

  2. Will there be any Retailers left including Robert Dyas, Jacks, Illuminations possibly a cull in the food outlets, charity shops may not be a bad thing

  3. You may be depressed but it shows that people are still acting responsibly and safely or were they all down the coast!

  4. Not only does the whole area resemble a war zone there is little indication of any effort to explain to our citizens what exactly is happening. Why isn’t there a detailed explanation of what is going on posted around the whole area so that they might take reluctant ownership of it? Finding your way through the morass might merit an IQ of at least 120! I’ve seen many giving up on find their way through

  5. What we need in Camberley is less eateries and more proper shops like Lakeland and Cotton Traders, a decent children’s clothes shop, (a bit more up-market than Primark, although there is nothing wrong with that) haberdashery and DIY shops.

  6. Impossible to keep the 2 meters distance on those narrow pavements.. People are not going to the high until they can feel safe..

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