Top Secret Council Meeting?

An update on our item earlier today.  We understand that tonight’s council meeting can be watched on Youtube.   Look for ‘SurreyHeath BC‘   But we’ve not found any mention of this by the council itself.  Not on its website, not on Facebook, nor on Twitter.  Maybe we’ve just not looked in the right place.  However, if the council wants to be open (does it?), this is the sort of information that should be impossible to miss.  Why oh why is the council so bad at communicating?

(Apologies to SHBC if we’ve mis-represented the situation.  Just tell us where we’ve failed to look.)


4 thoughts on “Top Secret Council Meeting?

  1. Hi Camberley Eye, On behalf of SHBC – you must have missed the home page of our website, the news item on our website and the social media posts on twitter and facebook. We recognise that we didn’t have the opportunity to broadcast it further but the legislation allowing this type of meeting only changed last Saturday. We will continue to do our best to communicate with all residents during this hugely challenging time. Do follow us on social media to help keep yourself up to date. Kate

    • Maybe, Kate. However, the only SHBC announcement that I’ve found on Facebook was less than three hours before the start, well after I’d posted my article. Also, what time did the news item appear on the council website? – I suspect it wasn’t long before the meeting either…. Others had posted the information quite early in the morning, which is when I became aware of it. I tried to get confirmation from the obvious council sources on-line before repeating the details myself. I couldn’t find anything – where, at that time, did I overlook the information?

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