The Square – stopped, not finished?

Two years ago the council wrote: “The first phase of The Square Shopping Centre refurbishment has been completed and the final phase of the spectacular refurbishment will be completed later this year.”  But, to our knowledge, the council has NEVER said what the full refurbishment would involve.  Clearly, Cambridge Square and Princess Way haven’t taken part in it.  We’re showing just two photos;  the damaged flooring, and a decorative panel, which seems to be a left-over from when the motif was being considered for much wider use in the shopping mall.

What IS the council planning to do with the old and tired part of the building? – anything?

3 thoughts on “The Square – stopped, not finished?

  1. Phase 1 already looks tired. Look at the floor. What about the walkway along the Boots/Argos section and the walkway along the side of Primark. We have paid for a half finished job.

    • I don’t know if that’s the case, Roger. I think the Obelisk Way stretch has probably always been excluded from the makeover. It’ll be part of the London Road Regeneration. Which has probably slipped back – Kier has a cost-saving programme in place and has reduced staff (some?) pay. That won’t help.

  2. I am afraid that the whole thing looks like a work in progress. I appreciate why Obelisk Way has not been done but it looks really terrible especially with the shabby out of date wooden fascia of Lloyd’s Bank. Why start something you know you can’t finish?
    There seems to be no continuity as you walk through with the theme seeming to change all the time. This is made all the more noticeable by the appallingly mismatched flooring which is already showing terrible signs of wear. A visitor commented to me that it looks as though the designers made it up as they went along with whatever materials they could lay their hands on.
    Another point that really bugs me. Who would plan a shopping mall with no rubbish bins?

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