Why the hurry?

As we walked up Crawley Hill yesterday as part of our ‘one-a-day’ exercise, this speed monitor was constantly flashing as vehicles drove by.

Now, the Eye has been known to go ‘a little too fast’.  So we’re not claiming that we’re holier than thou.  But if the councils (borough and county) are serious about encouraging people to cycle rather than drive, they HAVE to do something more to restrict speeding the whole way from Crawley Hill to the Frimley Road.  Talk is cheap and easy, but it’s actions that matter.

11 thoughts on “Why the hurry?

  1. Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19, the Police have been fairly active on Crawley Hill but I have not witnessed speed awareness activity on either Church Hill or Park Road.

  2. I couldn’t agree more with this entry and it isn’t just Crawley Hill, it is also Church Hill. As someone who lives in a road off Crawley Hill, pulling out onto Crawley Hill is always a brief heart stopping moment. Sooner or later there is going to be a serious accident. And we should not forget the Portsmouth Road and the area around Frimley Park Hospital, where drivers are frequently travelling at speeds considerably in excess of 30mph. The only answer in both area is to set up speed cameras, preferably average speed check cameras with suitable warnings.

      • Well all that I can say is that in this period of the Corona virus lockdown nothing has changed. During the lockdown, I regularly exercise by walking up or down Crawley Hill. It is not a comfortable experience as vehicles fly past – virtually all of these vehicles causing the speed detectors to flash up the 30mph reminders. If there are any Council Officers currently working from home during this lockdown period, I would urge them to take a walk up or down Crawley Hill for an enlightening experience.

  3. Just as I was reading this a motorbike went down Park Road at what must have been at least double the 30 mph limit. Many cars are also going faster with the roads being less busy. I can’t remember the last time I saw any form of active enforcement.

  4. Walking along the A30 earlier, a Porsche came past at a speed which probably took him from the Cambridge to McDonalds in about 20 seconds. In any crisis of this sort, there are those who are responsible, and those whose self-centred idiocy exposes not only them, but those around them to unnecessary risk. One can only hope that there will come a reckoning at some point…

    • I don’t particularly mind if people want to kill themselves, as long as they don’t cause much hassle or heartache in the process. But putting other people at risk too is just plain selfishness. Of course, there’s really very little justification for selling powerful cars to the general public. We don’t sell guns that way.

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