The council’s last year’s accounts survived audit

Quietly, the council posted its much-delayed audited 2018-2019 accounts on its website early last month.  As yet, we’ve not seen much in the auditor’s comments to remark upon.  That is, other than the comment “2 breaches of the Member [‘Member’ = ‘Councillor’] Code of Conduct have occurred and have are [sic] being formally investigated.”  From the wording ‘have are’, it seems that the investigation(s) may be still on-going.

As the councillors are our elected representatives, we really need to know the facts.  We don’t want to run the risk of re-electing someone who has been investigated, and who has been found, for example, to have had their fingers in the till (or whatever the misdemeanor might be).  Clearly, the situation calls for a Freedom of Information Enquiry….

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