Chief executive’s ‘pay rise’ – ‘no comment’ from the council

You may remember that, when the borough council declined to provide us with its written procedures for making financial awards to the chief executive, we eventually referred our request to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The ICO has now decided that it IS in order for the council to neither confirm nor deny that such procedures exist.  (Click HERE if you want more detailed information).  If the council confirmed or denied their existence, apparently it might prejudice the not-yet-completed investigation into the ‘additional duties allowance’ given to the chief executive.

It is now seven months since this investigation was started.  It seems clear to us that it does not take seven months to find out the facts of what happened.  If there was some definite ‘undesirable’ action, it should not take seven months to initiate corrective action.  So, in view of what amounts to an endorsed ‘no comment’ by the council, we conclude that there is an on-going dispute between the council and those involved.

What irks us is that, during most of those seven months, the chief executive seems to have been on extended leave while, presumably, receiving full pay.  Yet we now have a situation when many residents in the borough have lost their jobs and are desperate for support.  Those who are wasting the council’s much-needed money at such a time should hang their heads in shame.

27 thoughts on “Chief executive’s ‘pay rise’ – ‘no comment’ from the council

  1. Dear Eye, You are being mischevious ….. you are fully aware that SHBC have no shame …. and never explain!

    • Well, perhaps a bit, Ian. But, genuinely, in spite of the investigation into the chief executive, I thought residents should know how good the council’s procedures are. It’s OUR money.

  2. Sadly an entirely predictable response from the ICO and no doubt much welcomed by the SHBC Conservative councillors, past and present. What in heaven’s name has the firm tasked with carrying out the investigation been doing for seven months, or have they long since completed the job and the Council is sitting on the report? They did promise to publish the report but significantly they did not say when. We may have a long wait. That Karen Whelan remains on indefinite leave, presumably on full pay, all this time is disgraceful.

    • We don’t KNOW, Helene, but I imagine that the basic facts were discovered by the investigation months ago. The ‘delay’ must be in taking appropriate action as a result of the facts. For example, perhaps a legal case is being prepared…. In which case, the evidence probably wouldn’t be made public for ages.

  3. It seems astounding that there has been no resolution to this case. Do the council have no obligation to keep citizens updated? You would think that even if there are legal restrictions they could still issue some form of update so at least there is an effort to portray some level of transparency.

    • Well, if there’s a possibility of a civil or criminal prosecution for fraud – for example – it would be reasonable for the council to keep everything under wraps. The longer the saga drags on, the more justified we would be in thinking that this is the case.

  4. SHBC are doing their very best to bury this one in the hope it may go away – though how they can believe that will work I don’t know. Sadly, by the time it does get reported the vast majority of council tax payers will have forgotten about it and the number still interested will be so small as to make no difference to our illustrious Councillors.

  5. At the Council meeting, which I attended, when it was agreed there should be an investigation it was stated that the report, when completed WOULD be made public. It must surely be recorded in the minutes of that meeting.

  6. Do you recall if the CEO or MO reminded the tory boys of their duty of care under data protection & GDPR? I suspect not, but imagine that individual councilors would be personally liable for any breach if they go ahead anyway.


    XXXX,, Aren’t you in the least bit ashamed of how your fellow Conservatives have behaved in this example of CEO greed and minions covering up?

    Or does the behaviour of our MP Gove who misleads/lies nearly every time he opens his mouth lead the Surrey Heath Conservatives by example.?

    When it is pleasing to see many of the community helping each other, the Conservatives continue to just help themselves.

    Like Tim Martin and his awful Wetherspoons Company the people will not forget who has let the us down…

    Is Whelan still on full pay?

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