5 thoughts on “More flats

    • That – as you know, of course, Angela – is always an issue. It’s not so much the cars of the occupants, but the cars of those extra people who may visit them, that can cause problems.

  1. This should be banned. It will always be cost beneficial for a developer to buy a house, convert to flats and sell on. if you can buy a tatty house for say £300 000, convert it to 3 flats for £80 000 then the total cost is £380 000. But each flat can then be sold for £250 000 giving £750 000 return. So for a cost of £380k you get £750k. Without some form of planning control to stop this, we’ll end up with no houses left for families and everyone living in flats with no private garden. This is the ongoing demise of our family life for financial gain by a few at the expense of future generations. This house should be modernised for say £50 and be a pleasant house for a familiy for just £350k. Conversion of hosues to flats should be banned.

    • I know what you mean. But, technically, there IS a control mechanism. The council has various planning policies, and documents like the ‘Western Urban Area
      Character Supplementary Planning Document’ These were produced in consultation with local residents. In principle, the time to ban flats was when these documents were in the consultation phase. (Yes, I know that consultation can be a sham, but I did say ‘technically’.) Acting against you, too, is the fact that central government is pressing local authorities HARD to create more housing. In fact, the council doesn’t allow EVERY application for more flats. There’s an obvious current case – I won’t mention it here, but the abandoned existing building is an eyesore – where the council turned down an excessive proposal that was out of keeping with the building’s surroundings. You have an opportunity to object to the application that I described in today’s item; but don’t object to the principle. That’s not a planning issue. Object on more concrete grounds; traffic, out-of-keeping with the ‘street scene’, and so on.

  2. Just another council tax collecting opportunity by SHBC, used to know the chap that lived in this house and his family before him, this dwelling now extended beyond belief. Very poor value Camberley now, pains me to have to pay obscene taxes to live in SHBC area (very easy to collect with no competition) With the projected persistent growth in population a rapidly decreasing footfall with retail and a complete disregard of the damage to the infrastructure, hospital, parking, do I need to go on this council should get what they deserve. Farnborough shopping for me, seem to have the balance almost sorted, with retail and trades local much more convenient. The Meadows development killed retail in Camberley, it will never recover.

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