A dangerous stumble

More than once when we’ve crossed Knoll Road we’ve stumbled a bit.  Which, if there’s traffic approaching, isn’t a good idea.  So we’ve stopped and asked ‘Why?’.  The answer is obvious – there are two ‘kerbs’, one on top of the other.  If you’re watching out for vehicles, rather than looking at your feet, it’s quite easy to miss the above-average drop from the pavement to the road surface.  Is this hazard inevitable, or could better design have avoided it?  Whatever the answer, take care crossing the road!

5 thoughts on “A dangerous stumble

  1. Another gem from the so called county experts. In some London boroughs kerbs are being replaced with smooth bevelled transition to assist elderly, disabled , push chair and wheelchair users.
    This double step version is absolute nuts.

  2. With all that’s going on currently maybe we should focus on the very good job Sainsbury’s are doing in the SQ well organised and people obeying the rules, maybe the Council could take a leaf out of their book on how to communicate and bring people on side.

    • Thanks for that. I’ve not been in Camberley to see that for myself, but it’s excellent news about Sainsbury’s. But you must know my views about the council’s lack of communication skills already!

  3. My goodness – thank you for that, I cross there and am prone to stumbling so you might have saved me from a nasty experience

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