Compass House – visibly changing

From time to time over the years we’ve mentioned the intended conversion of Compass House – on the A30 – into flats.  Last autumn we showed hoardings being erected at the back of the site.  Well, six months or so later, work is well underway, with scaffolding at both the front and the back of the building.  (Why, we wonder, has just half of the front been scaffolded?)

4 thoughts on “Compass House – visibly changing

  1. I imagine it is the same reason I would not put up two ladders if I was painting my windows. When I finish one side I would move the ladder to the other. Thereby saving the cost of another ladder.

    • Well, that’s utterly logical, of course. But it does mean that the modifications to the building have to be done in halves. Concrete pouring, roof raising, cabling and so on have to each be done in two phases. This would be a significant complication. It’s just the same when you paint your windows. You open the can of primer, use it; then do the same with undercoat, then the same with gloss. You then move your ladder, open the primer again, find that the paint inside the can has developed a skin, so you have the messy job of removing it. And so on. Best avoided if possible. Not to mention the fag of washing the brushes at every paint change. (You can tell, I’ve been there, done that…)

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