Challenge 70

You know about ‘Challenge 25’ – the requirement for clubs and pubs to ask for proof that a young person is old enough to buy alcoholic drinks.

Well, in the current circumstances, will the local Age Concern Rainbow Café, if it’s still open, implement ‘Challenge 70’, and ask customers for proof that they’re not too old?  (If they’re over 70,they should be self-isolating at home!!)

8 thoughts on “Challenge 70

    • Thanks, Brian. I was a little surprised that it stayed open as long as it did, so the inevitable has now happened. I imagine that the charity has packed up completely for the time being – which will cause unhappiness to lots of elderly people.

  1. Many thanks for the reminder. Maybe there should be a qualifier, though. ‘Stay out unless you’re going to spend lots of money and your’re going to keep your distance’?

  2. I guess it will be only Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Superdrug & Boots left open after Lockdown maybe we find in time this is all Camberley needs

  3. I went into Sainsbury’s when they had ‘over 70’s hour ‘and jokingly reprimanded the chap on the door for not asking me for proof of age. I know why.

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