That confounded virus. Help is at hand

Yes, this information has been circulated widely already.  But in these ‘difficult’ times, it deserves repeating.  Congratulations to all at High Cross who are involved.

It’s surprising that, as loneliness is recognised as a major issue amongst the elderly, ‘the authorities’ seem to think that a few months’ of social isolation won’t cause widespread practical and emotional difficulties.  Isolation might be the right strategy – but it needs proper support measures to be put in place.

I really wasn’t going to criticise the borough council for once.  But I’ve just looked at the news section of the council’s website, and I can’t find anything about support for those in need at the present time.  I’ll say no more…

2 thoughts on “That confounded virus. Help is at hand

  1. All the residents of Heatherside Ward have got together and sorted themselves out and using a similar form to advertise their contact details over two hundred volunteers have all the roads, closes, walks, etc. in the area covered so that anyone in need has at least one person to contact for shopping, dog walking, etc. or just a telephone chat. With the great help of our local councillors and a few residents this was all organised in less than a week. What a truly lovely and caring community I am privileged to live in.

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