High Street – a few hands, and a few machines, make light work

We know that others have already remarked on the apparent lack of workers on the High Street/Princess Way site.  They’ve suggested that this is why the makeover will take a year or more.  With this in mind, we’ve taken a few photos:

Surprisingly, although the project can seem quite deserted, it is obviously making progress.  A few machines and a few people is all it takes.

6 thoughts on “High Street – a few hands, and a few machines, make light work

  1. But is it on the monthly target, would be interesting if a progress against plan could be viewed along with any penalty clauses or are we confident that the Council is on top of it !

  2. Too little too late SHBC – visited Lexicon, Bracknell yesterday and even in the rain it demonstrates that Camberley will never compete – sad for Camberley retailers, no empty shops in Bracknell though.

    • One thing it ‘proves’ is that, though some local people want to see more independent shops, the ‘chains’ in Bracknell are quite popular. What’s best for Camberley is a bit uncertain. (But the reality, of course, is that ‘any’ shop that can make a living here will be welcome.)

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