Knoll Walk – no way through?

When we took this photo a couple of days ago, the narrow walkway along Knoll Walk had just been closed – we suspect for the ‘duration’.  (You can just about see someone who, unfortunately, had attempted to negotiate the walkway, got halfway along it, and then discovered that it was impassable.)

5 thoughts on “Knoll Walk – no way through?

  1. When the war zone in Camberley has been completed if ever ( can build a Hospital in China in 7 days) will this re open as a cut through ?

  2. It could possibly be just because the truck was operating within the compound. I will discover if that is the case tomorrow, if I don’t get a space in Upper Gordon Road.

  3. The Council offer 1 hours free parking in Knoll Road car park and then the main safe access to the High Street is closed. People are not exactly being encouraged into town.

    • It isn’t the brightest of strategies, that’s for sure. But I suppose it’s convenient for the contractors. Other than the service areas – which wouldn’t be ideal – I can’t think of anywhere else nearby.

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