Chief Executives’ ‘pay rises’

You may just about remember that, quite a few months ago, the Eye submitted a formal Freedom of Information Act request to the borough council.  The request asked for a copy of the procedures and posts involved in making ANY financial award to ANY council chief executive.  The council decided not to provide the information; the Eye asked the council to carry out a review of its decision, and the review changed nothing.  After which, the Eye submitted a formal complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Last week, the ICO wrote to the Eye:

“I can confirm that I allowed the Council an additional 10 working days for preparing its response to my enquiries because of the Christmas break. I am expecting its response to be with me by the end of this week.
“Presuming it does not revise its position and disclose what you have requested, I will then proceed to a decision notice based on that response. If I have any further queries at that stage I will contact you again.
“If the Council fails to respond within the extended time period then I may need to issue an Information Notice under section 51 of the FOIA formally requiring a response. If this is necessary then I will let you know”

Of course, we can understand why a nervous council that hates openness would want to stay stum while its chief executive is on extended (AKA ‘agreed’ or ‘special’) leave.  But official procedures – or lack thereof – are discoverable facts.  For the council to be suppressing the facts destroys what little credibility it has left.  Or perhaps it has none already, so that it has nothing to lose?

5 thoughts on “Chief Executives’ ‘pay rises’

  1. It’s an absolute disgrace what else is lurking beneath the surface I expect in the coming months the so called regeneration project will highlight shortcomings and shady deals the so called Council do not know or care what transparency or openness means.

  2. It seems the new intake of LibDems are pretty impotent in the process of cleaning up the cesspit at Knoll Rd.

    So much needs to be done to improve so much in Camberley and the Borough yet the elected Councillors seem to be as quiet as mice and none seem to want to rock the boat.

    SHBC is a microcosm of how devalued and ineffective, so called politics and politicians has become, because they are all only it for themselves.

  3. I suspect that when you eventually get it the ink will still be wet.

    The CEO’s pay is always governed by politics – “We’d love to pay you more, but there’s an election coming – Sorry”. I imagine that’s the reason behind the back-dated pay award – council dithering & game-playing.

    To quote Davin Allen “Everything about this stinks… Richard, you were Moira’s right-hand girl for 12 years, and you said that you know nothing of this big payoff to Whelan? You were there at the Conservative group meeting in 2017 where you voted that Whelan should get no increase in her compensation, ever, I was there and saw it myself.”

  4. Ha!
    Quite a bit the reverse P.
    I have nothing but contempt for those duplicitous snakes – particularly those in the deservedly named “Nasty Party”.

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