What’s behind the hoarding?

If you ever wonder what’s behind the hoarding on the corner of Portesbery Road and Heathcote Road, then here’s the answer.  The ‘rack’ on the far side of the area contains scaffolding boards and poles that we think are stored for the construction site on the other side of Portesbery Road.  That’s the building site where little seems to have happened for months.

2 thoughts on “What’s behind the hoarding?

  1. Speaking of the road by that building site, have you noticed how the traffic flows are even worse now that people are stopping at the top of the High Street, trying to get through (I suppose that will improve over time) and then all queuing to get past the almost permanently parked delivery lorries/drays parked on the pavement in a traffic flow situtation made worse by the extra traffic.

  2. Please remind everyone how many years the hoardings have been there, black , blue, brown and sometimes blowing down …etc..Feel sorry for Orchards staff !

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