There are LOTS of parking spaces

Now that there’s no parking in most of the High Street, we thought that the spaces in the A30 would be at a premium, with queuing to get into them.  But no.  This was the situation one afternoon earlier this week.  Quite a surprise.

14 thoughts on “There are LOTS of parking spaces

    • Of course, the original notice in St George’s Road – the approach to the northern part of the High Street – unhelpfully simply said ‘High Street Closed’ plus a date. No-one seemed to care (other than the Eye, of course)

  1. Perhaps people are not queueing up to go shopping in Camberley any more, why would they, there are hardly any shops to visit now?

  2. You would have thought instead of people walking around with high visibility jackets on a lucrative contract they would be working at least 6 days a week

  3. Now that the canopies have been removed from Princess Way, it is possible to walk from the high street to the shopping centre in the rain without staying dry. Well done the council – mindful of the residents as always!

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