All quiet on the High Street front

It was a pleasure to walk along the High Street yesterday.  No traffic – so it was possible to stroll across the road in peace. Sadly, it’s not going to last – traffic will be returning in a year or so’s time.

We’re not going to show a blow-by-blow record while the road is revamped.  So this may be the last photo of the High Street that we publish for a little while.  Time will tell…

21 thoughts on “All quiet on the High Street front

  1. If the road can be closed for as long as year that seems to contradict the view that it couldn’t be pedestrianised permanently or for a number of core hours each day.

    • Exactly. Through traffic can always be permitted at certain times or on certain days, but banned otherwise. However, the council shows no interest in such schemes. But I do recall the previous Council Leader being completely opposed to pedestrianisation; maybe there’s a more flexible attitude now.

  2. The first two comments will resonate with most people. What is the rationale of encouraging traffic back on to the High Street after that length of closure?

  3. I feel the traders will suffer – also very hard for disabled people, poor walkers, to be dropped at eg specsavers or near the bank and Boots at the other end. I believe there is an hour’s free parking in Knoll Rd car park.

    • I have a solution. 1. Allow Blue Badge holders access to the new reduced parking spaces, and 2. Make the Knoll Road 60 minutes free parking permanent. The rest of the town is pedestrianised anyway, or least without parking spaces. I believe this will result in a thriving new High Street.

      • Of course, there will be disabled parking in the new scheme. I’ll pass on free parking; for years I’ve urged that it should be TRIED so that we know whether it’s really beneficial or not.

      • The advantage of all the suggestions above is that we’ll have a year to test life with workmen replacing cars…as will the council.

    • Of course you’re right about disabled people, Anne. They HAVE to be catered for. But, rather surprisingly, one High Street trader I spoke to the other day war particularly fussed about a traffic ban.

      • As I have pointed out elsewhere, this means that vehicles are now joining the roundabout from the High Street, from a direction where nobody came before. Expect a prang before too long as somebody coming from Portesbery Road fails to give way to a vehicle which they weren’t expecting to come out from a closed road in the wrong direction…

  4. I like dhvinyl’s suggestion. Would be interesting to know if High Street shops’ takings were down after the year. Up to now people were popping in for short visits for most of the day – be a shame to see more shops closing.

  5. Today I walked in the High Street for the first time since it was closed and found the fumes excruciating, wonder what they have dug up.
    Has Good Taste the coffee shop closed or are they taking the opportunity to refurbish.
    Phyllis Tuckwell shop near Boots says their footfall has dropped so they are receiving more goods than they can store and sell.

    • Ah, you’ve noticed the Good Taste shop. I’m told that it’s a change of ownership and a bit of a revamp, rather than closure. I took a photo of the shop while it was still open a day or so ago; I’ll see if I can take one of it tomorrow, to add to a post. Happy New Year to you!

      Oh, and re footfall. It’s almost bound to drop to start with. The key question is whether it bounces back…

      Enjoy the fumes. Reminds me of my days working on a somewhat primitive oil refinery far, far away.

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