4 thoughts on “Norwich House – action at last

  1. Who will be the intended occupiers? Will we, at last, be able to see the end of people living on the streets? When will the council – or anyone – ever solve this ever-expanding problem?

  2. Heaven only knows who’ll occupy the flats, Angela. But, as I’ll be writing soon, two bed flats are falling out of favour versus one beds – whatever that signifies. And the answer to your last question is ‘no’! All the official statistics say that we need more housing; though what sort of housing is less clear.

    • No planning application has been submitted that proposes the development of both sites; they’re the subject of completely separate applicationc. It’s suggested that they’re under common ownership – my memory fails me as to whether that’s true or not. It needs a bit of research, and possibly a bit of cash, to find out.

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