Abandoned cycles – what’s the legal position?

This cycle has been abandoned in Main Square car park for so long that we can’t remember when it first appeared.  So we wonder what the legal position is.  What steps does the borough council have to take before the bike can be removed and ‘disposed of’?  It’s not on the public highway, of course, so it’s not the same thing as an abandoned car.  If you know the answer, do let everyone know.

UPDATE:  since we took this photo the bicycle’s front wheel has ‘disappeared’.  Perhaps the council is hoping that the same thing will happen to the rest of the bike!

6 thoughts on “Abandoned cycles – what’s the legal position?

  1. There is a bike attached to the railings on the A30 opposite the Forresters pub in Bagshot it has been there for years, am so surprised it’s never been taken.

    • Thanks, Fiona. Thinking a bit more about abandoned bikes, I think the answer is that – by definition – they’re ‘waste’. Which means that their owner disposed of the waste illegally. And which also means (I’m pretty sure) that the owner of the site on which they were dumped is legally responsible for disposing of them correctly.

  2. There are 4 bicycles by the cycle racks at frimley park hospital. Site secuirity has posted notices on them that they will be removed and disposed of within two weeks if no action is taken to remove them before the deadline.
    Two have missing wheeels i think, probably stolen which is why they have probably been abandoned

  3. I once left a bicycle locked up in there while i went into town for 15 minutes only to find my new bike gone, but they did leave my cut broken lock behind. Your better of using the rack alongside the cafe which is in more public view

    • I used to say that the road bike I was using was sufficiently old, with drop handlebars, that it wouldn’t appeal to anyone. Which didn’t stop them from ‘removing’ the pump when I’d left the bike in Main Square car park. The pump was held in place with lots of duct tape to deter light fingers, but that obviously wasn’t enough.

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