Camberley Theatre – ‘front of house’

As you know, the expression ‘front of house’ in a theatre usually refers to the public areas.  But today we’re using it more literally.  You might recall that the stone slabs forming the facade of the theatre are falling off (the facade has been covered in netting for months to protect passers-by).  Well, the other day the council Executive discussed a propose new frontage for the building.  We’ve yet to see the formal report of the outcome, but we doubt that any of the councillors were happy to see the current state of affairs to continue for much longer, so they probably gave a green light to this design:

As we’ve pointed out many times, there are negligible facilities for cyclists at the theatre.  Now that the council has declared a climate emergency, perhaps the budget could run to a few cycle stands?  Or is it a case of words rather than deeds?

6 thoughts on “Camberley Theatre – ‘front of house’

  1. And preferably they should be under cover and secure. Plenty of space in the car park to crate one but that would infringe on a few car parking spaces!!

    • But the council will have to be ‘anti-car’ from now on – and footfall in the town is dropping so there’s less demand for parking anyway. So putting a few cycle stands under cover ought to be achievable.

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