CEO’s ‘pay rise’; the petition outcome

We gather that the borough council has recently issued the following e-mail:

“From: Surrey Heath Borough Council <>

“Subject: Response to petition ‘CEOPAY’

“In accordance with the Council’s petition scheme, the Leader has submitted the following response to this petition:

“Residents will be aware that, since this petition was launched, an Independent Investigation into this matter has been agreed and is now underway. The Terms of Reference for the investigation are available on the Council’s website. The requested action from the petition is being considered as part of this investigation, though a final report is not likely to be made available to the Council for a number of weeks.

“Petition information –

“If you would like to opt out of receiving further mail on this or any other petitions you signed, please email”

We do wonder why it is taking so long to investigate what must be a simple matter.  Indeed, there should be no need for an independent investigation at all.


Here’s a little background information. The borough council is undertaking, or will be undertaking, “a restructure of the Council’s senior management structure” We deduce (perhaps wrongly) that this will be completed by about March.

Secondly, according to the press, Redcar and Cleveland Council has scrapped its chief executive’s role as part of cost-cutting measures. Of course, we never speculate…

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