A dangerous obstruction

We don’t normally comment on poor parking or bad driving here.  (Apart from anything, there’s too much of both of them!)  But yesterday we thought that the position of this truck and trailer, which we think had just delivered equipment to Ashwood House, was particularly ‘challenging’.  Worse, we suspect that it stayed where it was for much of the day.  The double yellow lines and ‘No Deliveries’ markings on the kerb didn’t seem to have much effect.

Of course, we probably understand the problem.  Where DO you park such a vehicle so that it’s out of the way?  And it’s hardly the sort of vehicle that you can drive around the town, looking for an empty parking bay.  So, IF It’s going to collect the equipment in a few hours’ time, maybe it’s best to leave it there?  But, as you can see, it made life very difficult for cars leaving Main Square car park.  They couldn’t see past it to spot any traffic bearing down on them along Pembroke Broadway.

What was the right thing for the driver to do in the circumstances?  Shouldn’t someone have been given the task of telling people about to leave the car park when it was safe to move?

7 thoughts on “A dangerous obstruction

  1. Surely with some common sense either the station car park or the service area next to Ashwood house why no parking ticket from the over zealous wardens

  2. It should have gone round the corner and parked on the pavement in Park Street, then it would have been able to park there overnight too. Everybody else does these days…

    • The other day, in the morning, I was crossing over from one side of Park Street to the other, near to Primark, and a car driven by an old man nearly knocked me down. He was proceeding from the A30 end. I was under the impression – obviously erroneously – that the road was now ‘traffic free’.

      • Of course, it shouldn’t be possible for ‘ordinary’ drivers to enter Park Street that way. The rising bollard should get in their way. (But how old does a man have to be to become an ‘old man’???)

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