Tree protection – what tree??

We’re giving you both barrels today.

A new planning application has been submitted requesting the removal of a condition that was placed on an application that was approved just over two years ago.  We’ve investigated that condition, which, it turns out, relates to the new flats next to Knoll Walk.  It states: “The development hereby permitted shall be carried out wholly in accordance with the submitted Arboricultural Report prepared by SMW Tree Consultancy [Steve Wood] and dated 23 February 2017. No development shall commence until photographs have been provided by the retained Consultant and forwarded to and approved by the Council’s  arboricultural Officer. This should record all aspects of tree and ground protection measures having been implemented in accordance with the Arboricultural Report. The tree protection measures shall be retained until completion of all works hereby permitted.” In other words, the developer wants to overturn tree protection measures.

We aren’t happy with any request to remove tree protection.  We need our greenery.  So we probed further.  It turns out that the main tree concerned is – or, rather, was – the cypress tree in Knoll Walk that the council removed earlier this year.  Our photo shows the exact spot now.  In the circumstances, we can understand why the developer wants the protection measures to be waived!

7 thoughts on “Tree protection – what tree??

  1. Double standards indeed

    SHBC will TPO a tree in your garden and even come and advise you of what you may or may not remove but seem mighty lofted when it some down to chopping 100yr old trees on their own turf

    Shame on them

  2. I’ve seen a lot of comments condemning the actions of the council with the mature trees in Knoll Walk being removed, I was in agreement with them. Its always sad to see a healthy mature tree cut down.

    However, this morning I was walking along Princess Way towards the High Street and I was amazed to see how open the whole space between Princess Way and Knoll Road is now, you can now clearly see the Theatre and the trees in the distance on the hill and it feels really open and light. In this instance I think the council have made the right decision and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  3. “The tree protection measures shall be retained until completion of all works hereby permitted.” If all works are completed then do the tree protection measures expire. Hats off to you for keeping up with this. When i first read this it was.. council sets tree protection order.. then years later council chops tree down.

  4. I still remember doing a project at school some 30+ years ago about Frimley’s oldest house Middle Gingers, and the ancient tree on the green (Catholic Church side).

    Middle Gingers is now unrecognisable for all the extensions, and the oldest tree was chopped down last year, leaving just a stump.

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