Lights out!

We’ve commented on the gibbet-like lights in The Square more than once.  The lamps inside them seem fated to fail frequently.  Just a couple of months ago we showed a photo of them all working;  but now most of them seem to be defunct.  You can just about see a couple of them partly alight in the far distance in our photo.  LED lamps are supposed to last for tens of thousands of hours, but these seem to be an exception.

(Having dug around a little since writing this item we’ve realised that we should have been referring to the ‘gibbet cages’ rather than ‘gibbet’.  The gibbet, as we knew all along, of course, is the framework from which the cages are hung.)

2 thoughts on “Lights out!

  1. After Brexit, they’re going to be used to store fresh food. Those who manage to get the food out will survive, while the rest of us will just sit on the floor underneath and weep silently, grateful for the roof above the Sq…

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