The High Street makeover has started??

You may remember that the upgrading of the High Street was scheduled to start on June 24th.  But it seems that no contractor had been appointed at that time to do the work.  We were told that we would probably hear who the contractor would be in August – but we’ve not seen the information anywhere yet.

Meanwhile, a lovely new galvanised post has appeared on the corner of the High Street and St George’s Road.  It still carries the same old ‘No Entry’ sign, but we think it now has a new LED light iilluminating it.


The council announced earlier this week that “It is anticipated the works will start in October 2019 and will complete in 2020.  The works will be phased and regular updates will be issued as the project progresses.  In preparation for the works the remaining tree on Knoll Walk will be removed the week commencing 23 September.”


6 thoughts on “The High Street makeover has started??

  1. Yes one of the councillors put up a very detailed post on Facebook on Tuesday…the High Street will be pedestrianised, which I look forward to and it will all begin next month.
    Knoll Walk and Princess Way will also be involved.Not long to wait now at last!?

    • Actually, Shirley, the ‘very detailed post’ was a copy of a news item published by the council. But the High Street WON’T be pedestrianised – just more pedestrian-friendly. For years I’ve been saying that the council should carry out a trial of its plans to reduce – but not eliminate – parking in the road. It might please no-one, and only a trial can prove the point one way or the other before spending millions of pounds.

      • I saw that the somewhat superfluous raised table part way down the High Street was recently approved. Within the announcement it referred to the fact that pedestrians will have priority in the High Street. That to me means that it is OK to walk down the middle of the road and vehicles will have to give way!

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