Chief Executive’s pay

We’ve received the message below from Peter.  Note that he makes THREE suggestions:

1. The following email has been sent to SHBC Councillors. WOULD YOU ALSO SEND IT TO THEM? Their email addresses are found at

Subject: SHBC Chief Executive’s pay rises £53,000, 37%, to £197,000

Dear Councillors,

Shame on you for not denouncing the 37% pay increase awarded to the Chief Executive. You do not care about the people working for the council or council taxpayers. To pretend this excessive pay rise was anything other than a pay rise is ludicrous. If it looks like a dog, walks like a dog and barks like a dog, then it’s a 37%, £53,000 pay rise.

The residents of the Borough will do something to put right this injustice. To paraphrase Edmund Burke’s famous quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.”




3; PLEASE SHARE ALL OF THE ABOVE with as many local people as possible.


Two footnotes from the Eye:

1.The text of the proposed e-mail is unfair on some councillors.  But we are reproducing it in full here because it’s important that ALL councillors see evidence that they are ALL being criticised.  The harm could last for years.  Surely the “good men and women” councillors will not do nothing?

2. A separate petition has been submitted to the council’s petition website. As yet, it doesn’t seem to appear there.  We’ll publicise it as and when we know differently.


4 thoughts on “Chief Executive’s pay

  1. The PM earns £150,000. The Mayor Of London earns £143,119. West Midlands Mayor earns £79,000. I could go on. How does the council justify our CEO’s salary?

  2. Bob, I’m really not going to comment on the size of the award. What’s needed is a proper and transparent assessment of the relevant facts. Only them will we know whether the award is appropriate.

  3. I wonder what Gove thinks about all this going on in his backyard?
    Obviously he’s very busy with other business. Hope it doesn’t come and bite him on the backside! On the other hand maybe that’s exactly what needs to happens?

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