The hole story

Two weeks ago we showed a photo of a hole at the edge of the roadway on the A30.  It wasn’t a pothole, it was more like a collapsed drain.  It had obviously been spotted/reported already, as it had plastic barriers around it.

Anyway, when we looked earlier this week, it was obvious that more than just the roadway was involved, as part of the pavement had been excavated as well.  However, we guessed that the drain, or whatever had caused the problem, had been repaired, for everything had been back-filled.

With luck the work will be completed soon – if it hasn’t been already – for the closed lane is the left-turn lane into the town centre.  We’ve seen motorists enter the lane, then have to swing out of it, and then turn sharply left once they’ve passed the obstruction.  When that happens, confusion reigns all round!

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