You’re probably bored with the car park stairs

We had no intention of mentioning the car park stairs ever again.  That is, until we clambered to the top of the newly-painted stairs nearest Ashwood House yesterday, and discovered that there was no handle on the exit door.  What’s more, there was a barrier the other side of it.  So we had to go back down again.  We’re not sure what this achieved other than to make us very irritated.

Yet again, it was a case of a signed emergency exit being blocked off.  Though it’s hard to imagine a scenario where this would cause serious harm, the council wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if it did.


2 thoughts on “You’re probably bored with the car park stairs

  1. I think an emergency exit from a building full of highly inflammable vehicles, each filled with gallons of explosive fuel, is reasonably important – remember this story…”Liverpool car park fire: More than 1,000 vehicles destroyed in a huge car park fire. Temperatures in the multi-storey car park on King’s Dock in Liverpool reached 1,000’C during the inferno on New Year’s Eve 2017.”

    • Very true, Nic. The trouble is, my once-upon-a-time background in HSE means that I see hazards and risks ‘everywhere’. Others – including the borough council as far as the car park is concerned – don’t share the same attitude.

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