Is it Big Brother or is it security?

We said a few days ago that we’d be mentioning cameras again.  So here goes…. A new post has been installed in the High Street.  We reckon it’s for another police security camera.  Which raises a difficult question.  Should we welcome cameras that keep an eye on everyone and help keep us safe, or should we worry that they’re leading to a police state in which our every move is monitored?  Perhaps there’s no easy answer – until it’s too late??

12 thoughts on “Is it Big Brother or is it security?

  1. Cameras, like mobile phones, do not, necessarily, ‘keep us safe’, but they may help to find the perpetrators of crime after the event.

  2. Quite frankly with the amount of kids running riot in Camberley causing Chaos at the moment I welcome more cameras.

  3. Given the cavalier way the powers-that-be approach data protection (for example refusing to say what they’re doing with the data being collected by those applying for so-called ‘settled status’ at the moment), we have no real idea what they’re actually collecting, or what they’re doing with it, or what we can do if we don’t like it (like other posters, I have nothing to hide, but do I really want a camera to record how often I pop into the baker’s and come out with a bun in my hand – could my wife use the information, could my doctor tell me off?).
    I’d say that the only thing we can be certain of is that we will all end up paying for terabytes and terabytes of data to be stored somewhere, on the pretext that it ‘might be useful’ one day.

    • You might not be tempted to park on yellow lines for a couple of minutes while you buy that bun. But the ever-seeing eye will use ANPR to identify anyone who does it, and present them with a bill. What a load of law-abiding, and repressed, people we could become.

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