Adult Learning/Adult Education

The adult education facilities in Firwood Drive were re-named the Adult Learning Centre by the county council quite a few years ago.  (We’re not sure exactly when.)   Isn’t it time that the county council updated its road sign to reflect the change?

Yet again we make the point that a sign with incorrect information is of limited use, at best, and sometimes they’re worse than no sign at all.  But, somehow, we don’t expect this one to be changed any time soon.  Hard luck, visitors – the rest of us don’t need local signs anyway.


4 thoughts on “Adult Learning/Adult Education

  1. A lot of us still call it that anyway. I don’t know why they spend a lot of money and hold a lot of committee meetings to change a perfectly good name.

      • Sadly, there’s probably a lot of truth in that. It’s not necessarily a cynical observation – give people a job and a job title and they’ll find ways of keeping busy, if only to occupy the time.

    • Maybe names are like logos – you don’t realise they’re dated because they’re so familiar. But if you DO change them, then you’ve got to do the job properly; using the old name on public signs suggests that the change wasn’t really justified.

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