Another gym in town?

A planning application has been submitted for the ‘Hart Cars building’ on the corner of the High Street.  The request is for a “Change of use of 2nd floor from A2 (Financial and Professional Services) to D2 (Assembly & Leisure) (Martial Arts Gym).”

We imagine that, if the application is approved, the entrance to the gym will be through the doorway on the left-hand edge of the photograph, sharing access with other residents in the building….

5 thoughts on “Another gym in town?

  1. Years ago wasn’t there a gym above The Golden Goose’ pub (is that the correct name for it?) on the corner of Camberley High Street and Pembroke Broadway? If my memory serves me correctly – and it may not – that gym did not last very long. Are those premises still empty? Where is the Harts Cars building, please, I can’t picture it?

  2. Hart Car Building opposite marvellous Cambridge Hotel landmark promoting Camberley. The Goose Pub which is now the Duke of York opposite Weatherspoons Pub did have a gym above but looking at the state of the Building & trees growing out of the gutters it’s long gone

    • Exactly so. The gym above The Goose/Duke of York closed many years ago. Last year I showed a close-up of its sign board – which is still on the building – and asked ‘Where is this?’ I don’t think anyone recognised it – certainly there wasn’t a flood of correct answers.

      • Thank you for the information, P Best and Camberley Eye. Grief, I did not realise that the few times that I visit Camberley town centre I did so with my eyes closed. But, in my defence, I never go to the far end of the High Street where the Hart Cars building is located.

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