Rubbish! – Community Recycling Centres

We all know that the county council has been considering cutting back on local ‘tips’ to save money.  Camberley isn’t immune from this.

However, at a county council meeting at the end of January, it was decided:

“a.That the CRCs located at Bagshot, Cranleigh, Dorking and Warlingham be retained until 30 September 2019, but restrict their use to accepting recycling materials only.

“b. During this period assess whether different models for operating and funding these four CRCs could achieve the same saving as closing them. If that service cannot be achieved then proceed with their closure on 1 October 2019.

“c. In the event that the four CRCs close, extend the opening hours of Camberley, Caterham and Leatherhead CRCs from six days per week to seven days per week.”

This means that, for much of 2019, Bagshot residents will have to drive to the Camberley ‘tip’ to dispose of their non-recyclables.  Afterwards, they may have to drive to Camberley to dispose of ‘everything’.  Which they’ll be able to do – no doubt joyfully, on Sundays…..

8 thoughts on “Rubbish! – Community Recycling Centres

  1. On a busy day the Camberley tip can see traffic queueing back across the Frimley Road roundabout. It will be fun to add cars from Bagshot to the mix…

  2. Unbelievable! There is enough rubbish and litter in Surrey Heath to justify having more CRC,s than less.
    Residents experience queues and delays accessing their local unit, and again the elected, but inadequately qualified councillors and other jobsworths are making foolish decisions that will create more mess.

    Save money by culling councillors and other headcount, at SHBC and SCC.

    • I’ll be kind and suggest that the decisions are probably not as stupid as they seem to be. But, by definition, communication about why they’ve been made is inadequate, or we’d understand.

    • Not good. However, let’s be optimistic. The global economy – inc the UK’s – is going to the dogs so soon we won’t be able to buy anything. So we’ll be chucking less away. Full marks to the county council for being so far-sighted!!

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