Parking suspension – the sequel…

The other day we posted an item about the suspension of parking in Main Square car park.  It seems that access to the lights above the bays concerned was needed in order to upgrade them.

We’ve no quarrel with that.  However, on 13th March LAST year, the council announced:

Main Square car park  

“Works will be taking place through the spring and summer months this year to improve this car park. 

“New LED lights will be fitted, to provide a more efficient and energy effective lighting solution. 

“Parking levels 1 – 3 and the spiral exit will be resurfaced. 

“The stairwells will be refurbished and improvements made to the ventilation to prevent damp and moisture. “

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that NONE of this was achieved during the target of the ‘spring and summer months’ last year.  Car park resurfacing was largely finished by the end of the year, though it did run on into January 2019.  Work on new lighting (correction, a new ‘lighting solution’ – ugh) has just started, but – regrettably – there’s no sign yet of any stairwell refurbishing.  We’ve been promised that for years, but nothing actually happens.  If the council office occupants had to use Main Square car park, rather than their own dedicated car park, perhaps there’d be more progress?


1 thought on “Parking suspension – the sequel…

  1. I agree with you. The council has a shameless disregard for the catalogue of failures in so many areas, not just the car park.

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