Shop closures – but not particularly unexpected

A couple of shops in The Square have closed or say that they will be closing.  Neither case is much of a surprise.  Indeed, ‘Off the Grid’ was only ever intended to stay open until the end of January.  And ‘First Home Choice’ seemed to us to have always had the air of a shop that wasn’t expecting to be a permanent feature in the town.

4 thoughts on “Shop closures – but not particularly unexpected

  1. Its all down to the internet. In time the reality will kick in that the shopping centre should all be turned into housing for our ever increasing population. The internet has enabled the consumer to cut out the middle man. In the future the only reason anyone will travel to the town centre is for an ‘activity’ such as the cinema and eating out. The shopping centre is dead. Time to embrace change and look to the future and come up with a new strategy. Camberley ‘could’ set the new standard IF they got their act together! Concentrate on the fact it’s 2019, we have the internet and it’s NEVER going to be switched off. Create new modern homes in the town centre, completely overhaul our public transport system to take cars out of the towns. Invest for our future and the next generation.

    • I largely agree. Though town centres could also become attractive green spaces where you go to do nothing. Or perhaps to fly a kite…. But the borough council does partly recognise this .Ashwood House is becoming flats, and you can bet the same thing will happen to that London Road Block when the council actually does something with it. (It’s not that long ago when plans for that site were to turn it into a modern shopping centre complete with anchor store.) And, of course, the council is fudging towards banning cars in the High Street. But, realistically, there’s not going to be any great improvement in public transport unless HMG pours lots of money into it. (As far as a new strategy is concerned, I often suggest that the town should focus on providing for older people. It would bring its own problems, obviously, but we’ve got to be different from other neighbouring towns – we’d lose in any head-on contest.

  2. I love that a shop called “Off The Grid” is pointing customers towards their Instagram page – surely off the grid means no internet footprint at all!

    • It’s a bit like those US ‘outback’ dwellers loving off the grid. That is, apart from the petrol to power their chain saws, boats and buggies. None of which they made themselves….

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