An accident waiting to happen…

Yesterday was cold!  So we had head well down and hands deep in pockets when we rounded the corner at the top of Park Street.  And we very nearly went slap bang into an open window.  Here it is.  It was being cleaned inside at the time and, we think, rather more open than shown in our picture.  (We had to stop and dig our camera out, so there was a bit of a delay before taking this photo.)

Now we remember our schooldays in the gas-light era when ground-floor windows overlooking the playground were screwed shut to prevent nasty head/glass collisions. So why are such accidents still allowed to happen?  Who approved the design of the converted building (yes, we know the answer).

The odd thing is that we’ve had no problems walking round this corner before.  So we’ve resorted to Google Maps for an old image to find out what’s different.  And the answer seems to be – a litter bin!

So, a request to the borough council.  Please impose a retrospective planning condition that insists on the litter bin being replace.  Or, more seriously, DO find a way of making the situation safe.  If we’d been running round the corner, we’d probably have ended up in A&E.

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